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The Bachelorette: Too Much, Lincoln. Way Too Much.

And that's enough from Connor, too

Liam Mathews

It only took The Bachelorette one group date to escalate the drama to an absurd level.

Becca Kufrin's first group was getting the guys tuxedos, then taking them to a nuptial-themed obstacle course with some hosting help from last season's triumphant couple, Rachel Lindsay and Brian Abasolo. During that date, it became clear that Lincoln has a great accent and great body, but that's all he's got going for him. He was doing A LOT. You would think he was getting paid by the overwrought simile.

He got off to a bad start by cheating during the date. One of the challenges was to stand in a barrel of ice water until an hourglass ran out, and Lincoln jumped out before his time was up. He would have won easily, but then he missed a target and had to double back. He still won, though, after he gave David a little shove as they were racing down the aisle to "propose" to Becca. He was rubbing all the guys the wrong way.

During the cocktail party portion of the date, Becca gave him a framed "wedding photo" of the two of them (he gave her one of the most awkward kisses I've ever seen on the show). He went back and was gloating in front of the other guys. He put the pic in the center of the table, on top of the rose. He was pretending the picture was talking to him and kissing him and whatnot. It was a lot. "A lot" is really the only way to describe Lincoln, other than "over the top," which is how the other guys chose to describe him. His enthusiasm and romanticism seems phony. He's fake, the worst thing you can be in reality TV.

Fans tired of his antics very quickly.

No one was as tired of Lincoln as Connor, though. Connor -- who looks like the hottest guy who works at a Target in Illinois -- felt personally victimized by the photo. When Lincoln wouldn't take it off the table, he threw it behind a couch. When Lincoln put it back, Connor took it too far and smashed the picture and threw it into the pool. Again, too much!

Then Lincoln, almost in tears, went and snitched to Becca. "That photo meant a lot to me," he said in a confessional interview, like it was a treasured family heirloom and not something he had gotten twenty minutes ago.

Bad looks all around.

Neither of them got the group date rose, and cosmic order was briefly restored to the universe. It went to Jean Blanc, who's cool.

In conclusion:

(For context)

And just when we thought it was over, Connor brought it back right before the rose ceremony and had Becca throw a framed photo of himself into the pool. So this is his thing. He's the Get Glass in the Pool Guy.

They both got roses, so the tension was escalate next week.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.