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The Bachelor's 7 Most Awkward Moments, Corinne Edition

Corinne will not be treated like an idiot

Liam Mathews

We're at that point in the season where the villain takes over the show. It happened with Olivia, it happened with Chad, and now it's happening with Corinne, the childish sexpot who is the only thing anyone on The Bachelor can talk or think about. Episode 4 was essentially "The Corinne Show ft. Nick Viall and His Other Girls" thanks to the blonde cloud she cast over the proceedings.

The only person who Corinne doesn't seem to affect is Rachel. Did you notice that Rachel is never shown talking about Corinne, in group settings or in talking heads? Rachel is too classy to gossip. Rachel is too good for this show.

There wasn't a lot of non-Corinne action this week, but the show did hit the road, going to Nick's hometown of Waukesha, WI after a rose ceremony that whittled the ranks to half of the original 30 (bye Brittany and Christen). Danielle L. got a one-on-one where she and Nick walked around the town and went to see a country singer that definitely neither of them listen to, Raven got a one-on-one where they played soccer with Nick's little sister and had a nice time at a roller rink. She told an intense story about catching her boyfriend in the act of cheating on her that would have been awkward if she wasn't so charming. Raven's cool.

The group date was at a dairy farm. No one was into it. It was pretty funny.

Let's get to the Corinne, I mean awkward, moments.

​Nick Viall and Danielle L., The Bachelor

Nick Viall and Danielle L., The Bachelor

George Burns, ABC

7. Danielle L.'s nervous laugh
We all have tics. Mine is repeating myself repeating myself. There's nothing wrong them. And Danielle is on a show where she's uncomfortable literally all the time. So it's understandable that she has a nervous tic. But her reflexive laughter got grating. Because, y'know, at a certain point, it's just not funny. There was probably a solid three minutes of nervous giggling this episode.

6. The weird fake run-in with Nick's ex
Why was the scene where Nick and Danielle "ran into" Nick's ex at a coffee shop even included? It was obviously staged, they only dated for like three months ten years ago and it didn't give us any insight into Nick's character. It was just a weird, stilted conversation between three people who didn't really know why they were doing this. It should have been cut. Surely there are two more minutes of Corinne that could have been added somewhere instead.

5. Nick's physical chemistry experiment
At the start of the date, Nick said "I'm really excited to go on a date with Danielle. She's someone that from the very start I had an instant physical chemistry with." During that line, the camera cut to this shot:


I don't think he wanted Danielle to see just how excited he was to be on this date with her.

4. Corinne's toast to the douchebags
The girls were shocked that Corinne got a rose during the rose ceremony, since they were sure that her brazen behavior would get her booted. Vanessa said she felt the energy in the room change when Corinne's name was called, and Corinne obviously felt it too, since she made a speech address the tension that didn't do anything to help. She put on a big, fake smile and said how "privileged" she was to be there with all of them, after earlier in the night saying "I'm not privileged in any way, shape or form." This is a 24-year-old woman with a servant. "Girls are so fake to me here," she said, "so I'm being, like, fake back." I think this might be the first time in the history of The Bachelor that someone has admitted to being fake.

3. Corinne milks it
The group date was to a smelly dairy farm. They had to do chores including shoveling manure. No one enjoyed it very much. It seemed like the production was trying to torment them a little bit. Somebody said "I'm so happy I missed the Backstreet Boys for this."

Still, most of the girls made the best of it. "It's not my element, but let's go with it," said Jasmine, expressing exactly the right attitude to have in this situation and really, the right attitude to have on this show in general -- come to think of it, it's the right attitude to have in life most of the time.

But Princess Corinne would not go with it. She whined until she bailed entirely and sat off to the side, complaining about how she lost circulation in her fingers while the other girls were in the barn literally shoveling s---. She did the same thing on the Backstreet Boys date, since she's not a good dancer and felt uncomfortable and wasn't the center of attention. Corinne is a child. A drunk, horny child.

Of all the bad things Corinne does, this is the worst. The bratty sense of entitlement is such a turn off. You don't get to pick which parts of the game you play, Corinne!

2. Taylor's whole vibe
The simmering Corinne-Taylor beef blew up this week. Corinne is obviously the bigger problem, but Taylor isn't coming off so great either. Her obsession with Corinne doesn't do anything to disprove the stereotype that people get into psychology because they're crazy themselves. And she's so into psychology it's embarrassing. She can't stop dropping basic psych terms like she walked out of a lecture hall and onto the set. She says Corinne has "a plethora of issues." She says "it's a red flag when girls aren't friends with other girls." She says "it's time that I stop sitting back and observing" when she decides to go interrupt Danielle L.'s time with Nick at the cocktail party. When she finds them huddled up by a bonfire, she stands over them silently in the darkness like a hungry ghost until there's a lull in their conversation. Then she said "Mind if I interruuuuupt?" in the least confident voice I've ever heard.

Taylor was the first girl other than Corinne to get badmouthed by another girl when Josephine called her "absurd" and un-self-aware. Corinne may be nasty, but she doesn't talk behind people's backs, and Taylor does. Speaking of which...

1. Mt. Corinne blows its top
Corinne had enough of Taylor's "disgusting" behavior, and sat down with her to find out what Taylor's problem is with her. Taylor said she doesn't think Corinne is in a place to be in a healthy relationship right now. She lacks the "maturity and the emotional intelligence and the coping skills."

"Emotional intelligence?" spat Corinne, and then Taylor explained the concept to her. Corinne was not interested in having Taylor as her therapist, and exploded on her. "Don't treat me like I'm stupid!" she screamed. It got heated. Corinne has the temper of a child.

The episode ended on a to be continued. Next week they're going to have a 2-on-1, and it's going to be a disaster.

Taylor is more serious than Corinne, to be sure, but her maturity level is not as high as she thinks. Taylor is younger than Corinne, and they're both too young for Nick.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.