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The Bachelor: Here's Who You Think Will Make Arie's Final Four

Hometown dates are coming up, and here's who TV Guide readers think are getting them

Liam Mathews

Barring any unexpected surprises, Monday's episode of The Bachelor will whittle Arie's seven remaining women down to four. Those four will then get hometown dates, where Arie will get to meet their families. Getting a hometown date is a huge point in any contestant's journey, as it's a make-or-break moment in their relationship with the lead and the most time they'll get all season to make an impression on the viewing public. A good hometown date can be the difference between becoming a fan favorite with hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers or fading into obscurity forever.

There's a lot riding on this, so we took a poll to see who TV Guide readers think will make Arie's final four. And the biggest surprise is that more people don't think Kendall, the quirky blonde who came off so well during her two-on-one date with Krystal, will make it to the final four. But then again, if the lead subjects a contestant to the stress of a two-on-one, they're probably not that into that person.

The top vote-getter was Becca, whom 37 percent of respondents think will make it to the final four. Becca has been in the background for a while after getting the first one-on-one date of the season, but she seems poised to make a big comeback in the next few episodes. Bekah came in second with 22 percent of the vote. You don't think her age is enough of a dealbreaker to get her sent home this week. Third place belongs to Tia with 19 percent of the vote, so we're probably going to see Weiner (her hometown in Arkansas). And Lauren B. snuck in with the fourth seed. She's quiet, but she's Arie's type, so keep an eye on her.

That means you predict Jacqueline, Kendall and Seinne will be eliminated during Monday's episode.

Here are the results. The poll went up before last Monday's episode, so Chelsea, Jenna and Krystal hadn't been eliminated yet.


The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.