The 100 is headed to a brave new world in Season 6, but there's no guarantee the problems that plagued its heroes last year (uhh... 125 years ago?) won't follow them there.

Even though Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) swore loyalty to Madi (Lola Flanery) as Commander in a pivotal move that ended up saving hundreds of lives at the end of Season 5, there's no guarantee that after spending six years with Wonkru under her iron fist in the bunker she'll find it that easy to give up power in this new world. And what about Wonkru? Will all its members present a united front behind their new Heda?

TV Guide took the question to Adina Porter, who plays Octavia's second-in-command, Indra. According to Porter, Indra's loyalty isn't necessarily to Octavia or Madi at this point. "I think that Octavia wants to survive and will do whatever is necessary. And I think that Indra believes more in what — she's a team player and her loyalty is to her tribe, not necessarily the leader of the tribe," Porter says. "Indra would sacrifice the relationship, herself for her people, whoever her leader happens to be."

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Adina Porter, <em>The 100</em>Adina Porter, The 100

After watching Grounders and Sky People alike live their lives blindly obedient to this leader or that over the years, Indra's approach actually sounds pretty good. With any luck, the new planet they've all traveled to will be a kinder, less chaotic world where that kind of tyrannical leadership won't even be necessary?

Who are we kidding, this is The 100. It's going to be a death trap.

The 100 will return in 2019 to The CW.

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