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The 100 Showrunner Reveals the Mystery of the Prison Spaceship

And it will blow your mind!

Lindsay MacDonald

The prison spaceship that landed on Earth in The 100 Season 4 finale was one of the biggest mysteries of the episode. Who were these people? What did they want? Did they have something to do with why Bellamy (Bob Morley), Raven (Lindsey Morgan) and the rest of the crew didn't make it back down to the ground to meet Clarke (Eliza Taylor)?

All of those answers are still to come, but we now have one BIG answer thanks to showrunner Jason Rothenberg.

"I can say that they are from Earth," Rothenberg told TV Guide at San Diego Comic-Con. "They are from our time, so before the first apocalypse, which means they probably were in cryo-sleep because they're not a bunch of 100-year-old men and women. There's a couple new characters that we'll meet that will be prominent like the leader of that group on the ship."

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Holy time travel, Batman!

Okay, it's not technically time travel, but going to sleep in one century and waking up in another is as close as we're likely to get to visiting the future. Who gets to bear the bad news that a nuclear apocalypse happened when they were snoozing?

The 100 is scheduled to return in 2018 to The CW.