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Everyone Just Reunited on The 100 and My Heart Can't Take It

Clarke and Bellamy's hug, right?!

Sadie Gennis

[Warning: The following contains spoilers from The 100's "Pandora's Box." Read at your own risk!]

It took them long enough! After three long episodes, all of our favorites on The 100 have finally reunited... but it wasn't easy.

With Clarke (Eliza Taylor) being held captive by Diyoza (Ivana Milicevic) & Co., it was up to Bellamy (Bob Morley) and the rest of Spacekru to save her skin. Once Bellamy convinced Diyoza he wasn't making empty threats regarding killing off the remainder of the Eligius prisoners, they struck a deal: Bellamy will let her people go if Diyoza helps them open the bunker. Then they'll split the valley right down the middle and find some way to co-exist.

It was immediately obvious that there was no way this deal would result in the two groups living happily ever after together, but it's all anyone had to go on so they agreed, and that's when Diyoza allowed Bellamy in to see Clarke.

Initially stunned into silence, it was only when Bellamy got close enough that she was able to embrace him that Clarke finally was able to accept that what she'd longed dreamt of was finally happening. "You're really here," she said, wrapping Bellamy up in a hug as they both let this sweet moment sink in.


We know that Bellamy and Echo are a couple, but damn, if this was not the most tender moment we've seen between any two characters in a long time. Even if Bellamy and Clarke never become romantically involved, there is no denying that these two share a bond that goes beyond any other relationship, romantic or otherwise, on this series. They are MFEO, whatever form that may take.

But not all of the reunions were so pure. After Diyoza's people broke into the bunker, Bellamy was the first to enter, repelling right into the center of the fighting pit where Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) was waiting in shock.


The joy the Blake siblings experienced when they first saw each other was so beautiful but quickly tainted by concern as Bellamy and Clarke looked around, taking notice of the horror they were surrounded by. The blood, the skulls, the Red Queen war paint -- it's not Octavia's best look, that's for sure.


Speaking of complicated family reunions, Clarke and Abby's (Paige Turco) meetup showcased just how much these two have changed in their six years apart. Clarke, who is now a mother to Madi, also took on a bit of a mothering role to Abby when she found her locked up in the bunker. Although Clarke doesn't yet know about Abby's pill addiction, it was glaringly clear something was wrong with her, so Clarke took the lead on getting her mother back above ground to supposed safety.


Unfortunately, this happy reunion was quickly cut short once Diyoza turned on her deal with Bellamy, demanding Abby come with her instead of remaining with her people. The Eligius prisoners are definitely in need of some serious medical help (whatever's ailing them is likely tied to the mysterious third Eligius mission), but haven't they ever heard of sharing?

At least Diyoza was relatively nice enough to allow Abby to bring Kane (Henry Ian Cusick) with her, so now Abby has at least one ally with her as she enters this hostile new territory.

Sadly, with Murphy (Richard Harmon) and Raven (Lindsey Morgan) still trapped in space, we were denied seeing them participate in all these exciting reunions, but The 100 didn't leave us completely hanging in that regard. The first opportunity Bellamy got, he made sure to radio Murphy and Raven with his little surprise: a message from Clarke, whom they both still believed to be dead. While Raven got teary eyed by the revelation, Murphy reacted in the most quintessential Murphy way.


It was perfect.

Now, we just can't wait to see these two get to say hi to Clarke again in person -- that is, if they somehow manage to survive long enough to do so now that all the Eligius prisoners have woken up. But if anyone can find a way to weasel out of this dangerous situation, it's definitely Murphy and Raven.

The 100 airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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