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Richard Harmon Knows The 100's Big Reveal Is Bad News for Murphy

Murphy really needs to rethink this immortality plan...

Lindsay MacDonald

Murphy's (Richard Harmon) duplicitous nature was put to the test in tonight's episode of The 100, and up until the last minute, we couldn't tell whether he was scamming Josephine (Eliza Taylor), Bellamy (Bob Morley), or both!

Once he'd learned Josephine's secret, Murphy traded knowledge of Clarke's life in exchange for a memory drive exactly like Josephine's that allowed her to body jump, effectively keeping her immortal. To do that though, he had to convince Bellamy through coercion and even deception not to get revenge for Clarke's death; a tactic that did not go over well with Bellamy in the end.

Eventually, though, Bellamy decided to honor Monty's (Christopher Larkin) last wish and do what Clarke would have done -- not retaliate, just survive. In return, Murphy ended up getting two memory drives as a reward. This could all be for nought though, since the episode ended with Clarke (or whatever is left of her) waking up in her Arc prison cell, seemingly trapped in a mental prison inside her own mind. Um, someone please figure this out before it's too late!

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TV Guide spoke to Richard Harmon about Murphy's huge violation of trust with Bellamy, what he'll use that other memory drive for, and whether a "rescue Clarke" mission is even a thought in anyone's mind at this point.

​Richard Harmon, The 100

Richard Harmon, The 100

Are we going to learn more about what Murphy saw when he "died?"
Richard Harmon: I don't know if learning about what he saw is important so much as what it's making him do, and then everyone can fill in the blanks. That's what I think. I just don't think it's important exactly what he saw or what he felt, even -- just how bad it was that it's even making him do stuff that maybe he would have done before, but I don't think to the same degree.

Considering how close Murphy and Bellamy have gotten, do you think seeing Bellamy so deep in his grief for Clarke affected Murphy and how he approached that situation?
One hundred percent. Bellamy is his brother, that is his brother. That's one of the only great relationships he has... Bellamy and him had a terrible relationship for a long time, but then a couple seasons ago, when we had that six year jump and everything, we really started to grow on each other. At this point, they're thick as thieves those two, so I think it really did hurt Murphy to betray his trust and mislead him and to see how much it's affecting him. He didn't want that.

Can we expect Bellamy and the rest of the gang to be a little upset with Murphy if and when they find out he cut his own deal for immortality?
Oh, I'm sure. It's not a good look on anybody, but [...] he's a broken man. And whether they can forgive him in time, who knows? It's just Murphy being Murphy. He's doing what he always does, he survives.

The concept of immorality would obviously be something that would have appealed to him from day one, but do you think he's really thought the whole plan through?
Harmon: It's hard because I think he doesn't know for a fact that they're going to hold up their end up the bargain, even with Josephine giving him the two mind drives. That's an empty gesture to me because Murphy doesn't know what to do with them.

​Richard Harmon and Bob Morley, The 100

Richard Harmon and Bob Morley, The 100

Do we think he plans to use the second one for Emori?
Well, you're just going to have to watch and find out with that one. I will say she plays into a lot of Murphy's decisions, obviously. So you'll see that coming up. How does Emori play into these decisions he's making, and how does she feel becomes very interesting.

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Now that we, the audience, know that Clarke is still alive in there somewhere, is there any hope that there will be some kind of "rescue Clarke" mission?
Harmon: That's the thing, obviously none of us know that she's still alive. If we ever do find out, that's going to hit everyone in very different ways. That's probably going to hit either Bellamy or Murphy the hardest. Because I'm making these decisions to be on their side. That's not very good if I find that out. I'll have to really think about it hard. I'm not going to say if that does happen or doesn't, just hypothetically. Bellamy, on the other hand, he'd have to make his own decisions as well. I think I could probably guess as an audience member where Bellamy would take that information.

Do you think finding out that he wouldn't just be killing a host mind but imprisoning them for potentially ever change how Murphy feels about this method of survival?
Obviously any new information to do with this host and Prime situation is obviously going to change his outlook. I'm not going to say if it changes it for either way, but it's all stuff that's he's going to have to take in and continue to weigh the options.

The 100 airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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