Question: Thanks for the awesome Ausiello Scoop ice-cream scooper! After a gift like that I shouldn't be asking for more, but do you have any Prison Break scoop?

Answer: You're a greedy little bastard, Casey, and I love you for it. Paul Scheuring also teased that Season 3 would feature "a different storytelling process" that will begin to "play out in the last couple episodes of Season 2" and "leave some cliff-hangers, including one with Sara." Although mum on specifics, he says the new conceit will involve bringing "some of the surviving members of the gang back together," in addition to introducing several new faces. "In the model of Lethal Weapon, where in every subsequent sequel they had a new participant, we're going to be doing that as well. We brought in Mahone for Season 2, and we plan on adding one or two major new characters/actors for Season 3." Does that mean my buddy William Fichtner's days are numbered? "Let's just put it this way: We're very, very happy with Bill Fichtner."