First off, thanks to Angel Cohn for covering last week's Watercooler. And no, you didnt imagine the airlifting drama; it's coming next week.

Terry really has no intention of giving up that immunity idol, does he? Not that I blame him, besides his awesome challenge prowess, it is his only trump card. Now that all his former La Mina tribe mates are gone, he clearly won't be offering the idol to anyone who is left. I felt bad that Sally wasn't able to shake up the game, because with the exception of Danni's big win in Guatemala, one tribe always seems to pick the other apart in Survivor. So now we are left with six crazy Casayas (Casayans?) and Terry. I think if Terry makes it to the final two, the others will hold his multiple wins against him, and he ultimately won't follow in Palau Tom's footsteps.

I found it interesting that Sally was shown right at the beginning when Jeff's voice-over asked, "Who will be voted out tonight?" and then again at the challenge when Jeff said, "The game ends tonight for one of you." Have they ever revealed the boot so blatantly before? The family videos gave a bit of insight into the various characters Courtney's mom giving her the "love" sign and talking about candles and fountains was amusing.... So that's where she gets it. Shane's kid seemed pretty well adjusted, considering his father is a bit of a lunatic. And the waterworks were in full effect, weren't they? I'm anticipating some huge emotional wrecks when it comes time for the family visits.

Jeff really smacked down Danielle's comments about Terry. He's right; the former Casaya crew has been far too overconfident, and they'll have to start picking each other off soon. Yet despite being the most conflicted and dysfunctional tribe ever, the six of them are one of the tightest alliances we've seen in several seasons. They do provide the laughs, with Shane forcing Cirie to look at his red, um, nether regions and Cirie comparing it to diaper rash. Quite appropriate for someone who has acted like a big baby on more than one occasion. Based on next week's preview, it looks like Bruce might regret downing so many burgers and fries. Watching that spectacle of speed-eating gluttony certainly made me ill.