Summer Glau and Thomas Dekker by Jill Greenberg/Fox; Leven Rambin by Donato Sardella/ Summer Glau and Thomas Dekker by Jill Greenberg/Fox; Leven Rambin by Donato Sardella/

Holding court at the TCAs, John Wirth and Josh Friedman, executive producers of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, were understandably hesitant about revealing too much about the second season. But Matt and I were able to wrestle a few details out of 'em anyway.

" John's new love interest, Riley (played by soap vet Leven Rambin) came at the behest of Fox entertainment president Kevin Reilly, hence her soundalike name. Recalls Friedman of his conversation with da boss: "I said, 'Yeah, maybe we could have a girl come in around Episode 8 or 9.' ... We compromised at Episode 2."

" Rambin's innocent high-school cutie serves a particular function for the producers. "Sci-fi shows get a little insular at times," says Wirth. "It's nice to see [our characters] interact with real people." As such, Riley will not be privy to John's special burden. "I was just as clueless as my character is," Rambin says about joining the in-progress series.

" But how about some hot man-on-machine action, guys? We can't be the only ones who have noticed the tension between John and metal-maid Cameron (Summer Glau). Wirth teased: "Every interesting relationship I've been in has been a triangle." Oh, reeeallly? Is this the Swingtown panel?

" And why was Cameron so good at hanging with the teens at first, but later seemed more awkward about human behavior? "Summer's character had been prepped for that particular situation, so it was almost like she had a script," explains Friedman. "Once they jumped forward in time, though, she was as adrift as everyone else."

" Is there a theme to the second season? Friedman offers one word: "Evolution." Wirth gives a little more: "Sarah's war is a lot grander and more complicated than she thought it was." - Mickey O'Connor