Question: Can you tell me who played Mr. Hall (the flying man) on Ally McBeal and what show he used to be on?

Answer: You mean the Mr. Hall who winged it across the river and collapsed of a heart attack so that narcissist Ally (Calista Flockhart) could once again make someone else's tragedy all about her? (No doubt it was only the belief that a better script lay across the river that kept the poor man aloft, and the disappointment at finding it wasn't there laid him low.) And did I mention that whole flying plot was ripped off from William Wharton's far superior book Birdy (though since no one in Hollywood reads, Kelley and Co. probably cribbed it from Alan Parker's movie version, which definitely had its moments, too)?

Oh, yeah your question. Well, continuing in the Murphy Brown vein, Mr. Hall was played by MB regular Joe Regalbuto, whose Frank Fontana was one of Murphy's closest friends during the show's 10-year run. You may also remember the actor from a five-month run as Norman Tuttle, developer of the futuristic ride for motorcycle cop Jesse Mach (Rex Smith), on ABC's Street Hawk.