Can I tell you guys how much your replies make Tuesdays worth living? Really. It's so comforting to know there are other folks out there losing way too much sleep over Beach's beyotches and the blameless boys they recycle. So, with Labor Day officially a memory, I offer you the "Summer's So Dunzo" survey. And no cheating! We'll leave that to Jason next week. Hee hee.
1. Where did Awful Alex M.'s eyebrows go? Girl's starting to look like "female" wrestler Chynna on a bender.
2. Speaking of, is it me or was Taylor working an "escape from rehab" vibe in that last scene? Concealer, honey. Embrace it.
3. Would you rather have to see Jason the Unfaithful and Awful Alex's post-dinner fish-kisses or hear Poor Dumb Jessica leaving him an "I love you" voicemail from Monmouth?
4. Who else considered sending Casey's housekeeper Imelda an arsenic-and-Ex-Lax "queso-dillo" recipe?
5. Is Talan a tattle, telling L.C. about Stephen's Valentine's date with Kristin? Cause I'm thinking maybe he is. And who is this Kaitlyn? And why doesn't she have any facial expressions?
6. Can someone have Lo call me? Love her!
7. Did ya see Stephen's eyes dart to the left when he told Kristin he had come home to see her? Is he kidding?! Dude's the worst playa since
8. Jason. So what are we going to do about this guy? My vote goes to hiring Jess' hunky ski-board instructors to tear him a new half-pipe. You?
BONUS: What's scarier: Those ads for The Exorcism of Emily Rose or Casey?