The task of renovating a Westin Hotel suite into a lifestyle suite with a vision was a gift from Martha. It was the perfect opportunity to showcase one's creativity and business acumen to a woman who has made a lot of money doing just that. Leslie and Amanda stepped up as project managers, with Leslie switching to Team Matchstick for the opportunity. A risky move no doubt, for as Primarius' Ryan says, "Never overestimate Matchstick. No matter how bad we do, they're always going to find a way to do worse." This was a sad but true reality for the team that could not complete its task in time, and presented a suite devoid of a sofa to the Westin managers.

Then there's Dawn, who I befriended last week. She was her own worst enemy and she stood out in sharp relief against Leslie, Amanda and Bethenny, who proved themselves to be stronger candidates while Dawn only proved herself to be lazy. Dawn, what's with refusing to paint? And don't get me started on your oversleeping and holding everyone up. "I'm a very heavy sleeper" was not the best defense in the conference room. Martha's had enough of you. So long, my friend.

Primarius shouldn't get too comfortable. They only won by default and didn't even get a reward. Matchstick's furniture didn't deliver on time, causing the team to scramble. That in no way means that Primarius' "Westin Entertains" suite was better than the "For Leisure or Work" suite. By the way, aren't all hotel rooms for leisure or work? Anyway, I think dominoes and a popcorn popper were a little lowbrow for the Westin. Both teams better beware, because Martha is becoming frustrated. She nearly channeled the Incredible Hulk in the conference room. "I don't want to lose my patience," she said. "None of you wants me to lose my patience." Guys, when she starts turning green, I'd watch out.