We've all been there — had a day so terrible and frustrating that you just want to throw everything in sight, and Late Night with Seth Meyers understands that sometimes, only a big, cinematic gesture will reflect that anger. The late-night host invited several of his guests to take part in a new bit showing exactly how to furiously swipe a desk clear.

"When characters get upset on television shows, in movies, they angrily swipe things off their desks," Meyers said to introduce the funny new clip: Actors Angrily Swiping Things Off Desks.

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"That is the universal way of saying I'm angry with you."

To show the proper technique Taraji P. Henson, Olivia Munn, Jay Leno and more unleash their anger, tossing everything from computers to toy cars, stuffed animals to liquor bottles off of their desks.

Even Sesame Street's Count gets in on the action.

"Cookie don't want no cookies on her desk," yells Henson, channeling her Empire character.

"I'm nobody's pawn," growls Rainn Wilson as he swipes a full chess set off of his desk.

"The media will eat us ALIVE," screams Nathan Lane, tearing apart the setup.

Though, The Last Man On Earth star Will Forte has some trouble....

Take a look at the clip.