The tally: Carla, Will and Aaron are alive. That much we know. We also know that Detective Marjorino has it in for our friends. It turns out the man Craig accidentally killed while driving drunk, was Marjorino's dad. Yeah, I admit it. I didn't call that one. Usually on this show I'm a step (or five) ahead of the action. Jenna's mom playing tonsil hockey with the director Jenna had her eye on? I called it. Carla getting hired as the nanny for the couple that adopted Sam's baby? I called that one, too. But the cop taking this case way too personally? I didn't call it. There are some plot devices that are just too contrived for anyone to guess. 'Nuff said.

Poor Will. The guy must have a black cloud following him everywhere. He's already done a year in jail. He can't get the girl of his dreams. And now he gets busted for the one bribe he's ever made in his life. Gregory Harrison (Gonzo, to those of you old enough to get that reference) eases Will's mind by telling him that if he thinks he's getting caught, don't. Because the world doesn't work that way. Well, it does when you're Will. And wouldn't you know it, the FBI adds him to their Christmas-card list, figuring they'll give him immunity if he rats out Gonzo. Something good better happen to him soon or I will... I don't know. I'll do something. But just when I think he's been severely beaten down by life and deserves some goodness, he goes stupid. Like when he wouldn't let Sam tell him about their kid. A little happiness, Will. Look into it.