Mrs. Hollander, consider yourself forewarned. Paying a visit to the TV Guide office on Monday, a smooth-shaven (hmmm... ) Robert Knepper echoed what Fox president Peter Liguori told the press last week - that Prison Break, despite taking two steps toward (and albeit a huge step away from) conspiracy resolution with Monday's episode, may have a third thrilling season already in its quill. "When you would call the writers' office, it'd be like, 'They can't be disturbed! They're trying to figure out Season 3!'" Knepper told me. "But the [writers' room] doors now are not as locked as they were," indicating that a new arc has been laid out. "The disappointment would be to just put a third season out there for the sake of a third season," Knepper notes. "But people don't want to let this show go. And I don't think Fox wants to let it go; they realize what they have."

Look for my complete Q&A with Knepper in next Monday's Interviews & Features. There, he previews T-Bag's fate, teases the possibility of the "gang" reuniting before this season is up, and reveals what he himself has in common with 24's Kiefer Sutherland.

UPDATE: The Ausiello Report just posted some real-life scoop that could impact any possible Season 3 of Prison Break. Check it out!