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Susan Lucci's lovely, heartfelt new memoir All My Life (It Books/HarperCollins) hits the market March 29 and is sure to be treasured by her many fans. There's some surprising backstage drama here, most notably when the All My Children star recalls her controversial abortion story line in the 1970s, and reveals how she suffered a miscarriage just as the plot was unfolding on air. (No one at the soap knew she was expecting.) And Lucci finally opens up about her long string of Emmy losses, saying her "angst was only multiplied" by the media fuss. But she's the first to admit her life is blessed. No ghastly scandals. No wrenching regrets. No devastatingly dumb decisions. The same can't be said for Erica Kane. On March 29, the Pine Valley siren — already married 11 times — is so determined to prove she's not in love with Caleb (Michael Nouri) that she pushes her fiancé Jack (Walt Willey) into getting hitched ASAP. And off they go to the isle of St. Barts for the ceremony. TV Guide Magazine spoke with La Lucci, the uncontested queen of daytime, about Erica's new royal mess.

TV Guide Magazine: What the heck is Erica thinking? Does she really believe rushing into marriage under these circumstances is a wise idea?
Lucci: This could be a disaster waiting to happen. Erica so wants to avoid another marital catastrophe and in that respect, thank heavens, she's grown up a bit over the years. She really does love Jack but she knows, deep down, that she's crazy-attracted to Caleb. And he wants her bad. Not long ago, this guy was a hermit hiding from life in the mountains. Now he's suddenly a whole new man all because of Erica. She's very seduced by that.

TV Guide Magazine: Enough to come to her senses and stop the wedding?
Lucci: Caleb will follow Erica to St. Bart's. [Laughs] It's very Rhett Butler. When he's out of sight, she can handle the situation — she knows that she wants Jack. But when Caleb is around, she finds it very difficult. He wants Erica to be impetuous, which very much appeals to her because, let's face it, that's one thing that's never changed about her — she's impetuous!

TV Guide Magazine: Do you ever think Erica is crazy?
Lucci: Erica crazy? No.

TV Guide Magazine: I don't mean drooling-in-the-loony-bin-in-a-straightjacket kinda crazy, but, you know, not playing with a full deck?
Lucci: No!

TV Guide Magazine: Didn't Albert Einstein say, "the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results?"
Lucci: I think that sometimes Erica does take leave of her senses. She is prone to going over the edge. And that's both a charm and a curse.

TV Guide Magazine: But she's not crazy?
Lucci: I think it's best to just sit back and enjoy the show.

TV Guide Magazine: If you ever give up this acting thing, you could have a damn fine career in public relations! So who's going to win here — Caleb or Jack?
Lucci: I don't know! A lot of the fans want Jack and Erica together, but as the story plays on people are starting to understand her pull toward Caleb. It's creating two very vocal camps. But I guess that means the story is working — it has people arguing!

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