Susan Boyle Susan Boyle

For someone whose original work sounds like Broadway outtakes and whose performance style is from the just-standing-there school of entertaining, Susan Boyle sure is exciting! You never know what to expect, hence the old saying, "Life is like a box of Susan Boyles..." Wednesday's America's Got Talent could have gone horribly wrong for Boyle, as her awkwardly aborted performance on The View did last year, but instead she plowed right through her new single "You Have to Be There" like a pro. The Britain's Got Talent alum has struggled with her meteoric rise to fame and still appears to be unseasoned even after over two years of doing this music thing full time. But that is, of course, her charm and/or marketing angle: Her otherworldly voice notwithstanding, there's something about her public discomfort that ensures she's still one of us.

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Watch Boyle do "You Have to Be There" below: