Kelly Sharbaugh Kelly Sharbaugh

Talk about a memorable Survivor tribal council. After losing yet another reward challenge, the remaining four members of Foa Foa looked ripe for the picking. However, while the other team enjoyed their waterfall picnic, Russell used his free time to find another hidden immunity idol... without a single clue! So although most of Galu had it out for Russell at tribal council, all six votes went to waste when Russell pulled out his immunity idol at the last minute, sending Galu member Kelly Sharbaugh home in the process. asked Kelly, 25, how she really feels about teammate Shambo, who her tribe regretted sending home and which dark horse she'd like to see in the finale. What was going through your head at tribal council?
Kelly Sharbaugh: Obviously, all of Galu thought Russell was going home. No one knew he had the idol. When he pulled that, all of us were just like, "What?!" It was obviously going to be between me and Monica, one of the girls going home. Honestly, I think I thought it would be her, and by the look on her face, she did too. We were just waiting for the first name to be read and as soon as we saw one, I knew that was it.

Watch full episodes of Survivor: Samoa Any particular reason you or Monica would be sent home over one of the guys?
Kelly: I don't know why, but it seems like the females are always targeted first in this game. Marisa was the first to go home and I felt like she was one of the strongest females in the whole season, so I don't really know why it made sense. I wasn't a threat to anyone, I wasn't mean to anyone, I got along with everyone. They were just so content on breaking up the females; all the guys were so against a female alliance. Did you know that Shambo had become so close with Russell and Foa Foa?
Kelly: Shambo never slept in the shelter with us from the beginning, so she started off separating herself like that. After the merge, when Foa Foa came over, Russell started bunking up in her little tree, so it was obvious that they were in alliances and obvious that Shambo was going to flip. Why do you think your tribe has been so set on sending those four packing before everyone else?
Kelly: From Day 1, we talked about [how] there's got to be, like, six of us that we can trust and that we can figure out. We were trying to get down to the six that we could trust. Foa Foa was kind of useless to us; we had the numbers and in challenges, they didn't really show us anything. There was talk about maybe pulling one of them over, but we just didn't need them, to be honest. We were all so close and I felt we were the strongest competitors. We had been winning so much more, so we got a chance to eat more so we were stronger and had definitely gotten more nourishment.

Survivor's Erik: Teammates "broke my heart" Did getting blindsided yourself make you regret your team's decision to blindside Erik last week?
Kelly: Honestly, the night we sent Erik home we regretted it. It all happened so fast. We knew that someone on our tribe was gunning against our own, but we didn't know who it was and then we saw Erik running around talking to Foa Foa. It was all chaos. It seemed to be Erik that we could pinpoint, but that night when we got back, we realized, "Sh--, I think it was actually John." When we saw Erik back on the jury, he was giving John a look of death, glaring him down, so that confirmed it for sure. Any predictions? Who do you want to see make it to the end?
Kelly: Russell definitely has a really big target on his back. He's going to have to keep finding these immunity idols if he wants to stay in the game... [Laura] and Shambo haven't been getting along, so I think Laura or Russell will be the next to go. I'm rooting for Brett. I want to see him get the farthest. He's playing a great game right now. He's set up really well with everyone and he's a really strong competitor. I think people underestimate him, which is definitely working to his advantage.