Survivor: Redemption Island Survivor: Redemption Island

SPOILER ALERT: The following story reveals the winner of Survivor: Redemption Island.

After 39 days, 11 duels, two returning cast mates and the introduction of Redemption Island, the latest season of Survivor came down to the final eight castaways for Sunday's two-hour season finale.

In the season's final duel, Andrea Boehlke outlasted Grant Mattos, Mike Chiesl and longtime Redemption Island inhabitant Matt Elrod and won her way back into the game just days after being voted out. But Andrea's time back in the game was short-lived and she was quickly voted out when she tried to urge the two other remaining girls to vote out returning player "Boston Rob" Mariano.

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In his fourth time playing the game, Boston Rob won the final immunity challenge and ensured himself a second trip to the final three. (Boston Rob first made it to the finals for Survivor: All-Stars, but lost to soon-to-be wife Amber Brkich).

Ashley Underwood was the final player voted out of the game, pushing Natalie Tenerelli and Phillip Sheppard (who burned his signature pink briefs in the last campfire) through to the final three along with Boston Rob.

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Because of his marriage to a previous Survivor winner and his aggressive game play, Boston Rob was the most visible player, but also had the biggest obstacles to overcome. However, after Survivor crowned its first two-time winner last May — "Heroes vs. Villains" champ Sandra Diaz-Twine — a win for Rob wasn't completely out of the question.

At the live part of the finale in New York, Jeff Probst counted the votes, which named Boston Rob the winner. He beat his competitors thanks to his loyalty, his strong physical and social game, as well as his likability over the other two finalists. Immediately after hearing his name, Rob went down to the audience and kissed his wife, Amber, and their two young children.

Probst said Boston Rob finally won "in a style that would make any Mob boss proud."

Rob was also named the Sprint Player of the Season and walked away with an extra $100,000.

In a twist, "Redemption Island" castaway David Murphy proposed to his girlfriend, Survivor: Tocantins player Carolina Eastwood, seven years after Rob proposed to Amber during the "All-Stars" live finale in May 2004.

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