It was a very special episode of Survivor: All-Stars Thursday night as Jenna Morasca, the 22-year-old winner of Survivor: The Amazon, abruptly pulled herself out of the game to be with her ailing mother. In a tearful speech to her tribe mates, Morasca admitted that she had made a mistake signing up for All-Stars. Later, a message popped up on the screen informing viewers that eight days after Jenna returned home, her mother lost her long battle with cancer. On CBS' The Early Show Friday morning, Morasca said she had a "premonition" on the island that her mom had taken a turn for the worse. This isn't the first time a Survivor contestant walked away from the show. Last November on Survivor: Pearl Islands, Osten Taylor, bitter that producers changed the rules of the game to give ousted tribe mates a second chance, threw in the towel.