Alexis Jones and James Clement Alexis Jones and James Clement

Alexis Jones and James Clement are the latest casualties from Survivor: Micronesia (Thursdays at 8pm/ET, CBS).  James, the physical threat serving his second consecutive tour on the show, was brought down by an infected cut that he got while opening a clam. Alexis, however, was bested by a Hidden Immunity Idol that was used with finesse by Amanda Kimmel in what could be called a reverse-blindside. The gravedigger and the motivational speaker who both missed out on immunity and a snack when they lost focus during a challenge chatted with TV about their time on the show and why one of them still wants their cookies. It was great watching the two of you this season. How was it?
Alexis Jones: It was awesome! It was so much cooler than I could have ever have anticipated.
James Clement: China was kind of rough. This time we were on the beach. You can't beat being on the beach with coconuts falling from the sky and giving you food. James, I noticed that you were a lot more relaxed this time. Were you still interested in winning the money or was it more about the experience?
James: The money was definitely the reason I was there — the experience, not so much. I've experienced a lot in my life. The money was the reason I was there. You both have suffered injuries on the show.  How are you doing?
James: I had a bunch of antibiotics and a little therapy, and my hand is okay.
Alexis: My knee is doing much better. It was a really bad bone contusion. It was pretty painful out there because I couldn't really apply any weight to it, but when we got back James and I got to spend some lovely time together in the Palauan Hospital. Alexis, if Amanda and Parvati had targeted Natalie instead, do you think that, with your injury, you would have been able to hold out until the end of the show?
Alexis: Absolutely. Or at least I would have died trying.  I was really surprised. Strategically, it would have made more sense to keep the girl in the game who could barely stand, but I also understand that they were also looking at who was going to be on the jury. The show played up a little bit of a rivalry between you and Amanda over Ozzy.  Was there some mutual targeting going toward the end?
Alexis:  Editing is a beautiful thing. Ozzy and I actually got along really well. We spent a day at Exile Island, and we became really good friends. I didn't know about that other stuff [with Amanda] so that was news to me, but I totally respect that they're in a relationship. It wasn't like that at all. The fans eliminated their strong players first, but you've proven  yourself to be a tough player. How did you avoid being targeted by your tribe early in the game?
Alexis: I think I made a smart alliance. The beauty of the game is if you make alliances quickly, you're sort of spoken for. So day one I went to Joel. We were kind of making the calls. James, earlier in the game, Cirie commented that physical strength wasn't the most important thing. For a guy like you, who is obviously very physically strong, what is the best approach to Survivor?
James: Anything but mine. The talkers are by far the champions. This is a world of talkers, and that world often does extend into Survivor. The physical threats seem to be loners who don't have to talk that much because they can do things by themselves. But Survivor's a game where if you do do things by yourself, you'll be gone.  Alexis, both you and James were knocked out of an immunity challenge when you lost focus. James seemed to take it in stride, but you seemed a little pissed off.
Alexis: A little? I was furious! If there was one point in the game where I really almost lost it, it was when I didn't get my cookies. They also didn't show the 10-minute debate I had with Jeff about it. I was so angry. We didn't see too much of you in the first half of the show. Was there anything you wish they'd included?
Alexis: I wish there was more of us just sitting and goofing around because, for me, that was what made the experience so beautiful. You were meeting people that are going to be dear friends for your entire life.  James, what was up with you eating the bats?
James: I like trying everything. How often would I get a chance to eat a bat? It wasn't seasoned all that well, but it was cool. It's a bat, man! Alexis, What was the best part of this experience?
Alexis:  Honestly, it really was the relationships and the people that I got to meet. James, Some of my readers have expressed a desire for you to come back every season just because of your great one-liners.  How does that sound to you?
James: Hey, I'm there! I need another chance to win a million dollars.

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