Heather Graham, <EM>Emily's Reasons Why Not</EM> Heather Graham, Emily's Reasons Why Not
You know, back in September when this show premiered and we first started wondering where the sea beasties came from, never in a million years would my guess have been Martha Plimpton. Way to keep us guessing, writers! Dr. Laura's boneheaded decision-making skills continue to reach ever more death-defying heights: This hour alone she manages to almost answer the door for rogue government agents, reply to an e-mail from an unknown sender while they're on the lam, agree to ditch Crazy-Eyed Rich in favor of Crazy-Eyed Plimpton (you just can't tell 'cause she's wearing sunglasses) and go gallivanting off into the wide blue yonder in a tiny prop plane and a blindfold. No wonder the feds have been so successful at discrediting your professional reputation there, Doc not so much with the good choices, are we? Bottom line of the hour, of course, comes from Her Plimptonness: The sea monsters in question just so happen to be man-made. Hmm, none of them are sporting the Dharma Initiative symbol, are they?

Meanwhile, our main man Miles is up to his ears in adolescent trauma. When he's not having Peter-Parker-meets-Bruce-Banner-meets-Ben-Franklin moments with the bathroom mirror, he's thisclose to making an actual move on the shockingly forward but still kinda sweet Caitlin. Kiss Attempt No. 1: He shocks the bejesus out of her (almost like that LifeSavers Wint-O-Green commercial, without the fresh breath), and a couple of surfer kids wind up dead. Kiss Attempt No. 2: Our young lovers make actual lip contact, just in time for Miles' skin to turn all gooey, because clearly he's part beastie now. So I'm guessing that's gonna go ahead and nix any thoughts of a Kiss Attempt No. 3. Tough break, reptile boy.