SurfaceYou know what makes this show a lot more enjoyable? A movie-size box of Hot Tamales. True story. I like how these what-you've-missed sequences at the top of the show are getting more and more explicit. Now the voice-over guy's actively using characters' names and complete sentences! Lame, but also kinda helpful, because I've been jotting down notes every week (for my

job, shut up) and I'm still confused. This week it's all about our fugitive friends and their makeshift deathtrap er, pseudo-sub and clearly, there's nothing you can't build with a blowtorch, a scrap heap and some

Dead jammin' in the boom box. Unfortunately for our underwater heroes, a nice safe dive wouldn't be much of a sweeps episode, so instead we get a healthy-size leak in one of the windows, a mating pod of full-grown sea-beasties overhead, and, oh yeah, by the end of the episode, Jackson's missing and the sub's in a free fall to the center of the earth. (Seriously, where's Jackson? Remember what happened with Cirko, dude as soon as I actually learn your name, you're apparently toast. Let this be a lesson to the rest of you secondary characters. Government Goon and his hottie hearing-impaired wife? You might be next.) As for the fate of Dr. Laura and Rich, all I can say is I'm not sure which is creepier the idea of slowly drifting to the very, very bottom of the ocean, or doing it with Crazy-Eyes holding you in a death grip, whispering sweet nothings in your ear. Good luck with that.

Would you believe Nimrod's not back yet? Sure, we got to see a bizarro version of him in Miles' cold-sweat dream, but that's not gonna cut it. Oh, and Miles? They're called girls. Look into 'em.   Chana Shwadlenak

Prison Break
Was anyone else totally grossed out that the guy who was chasing Veronica and Co. used sandpaper on himself to make it look like he was in an accident? That's true devotion to your job. But this villianous creep deserved to suffer for the take-no-prisoners-alive way he went about trying to eliminate any threats to the VP's cover-up campaign. Boy did he get his in the end. Go L.J.! Way to tackle him and push him in the well. Nice humane way to deal with an inhumane individual. Too bad that the other two goons weren't as sympathetic and left him in the woods  in a well, with a broken leg and no cell phone  to die. I guess it is true what they say about payback. On the inside, I've just got a hunch that T-Bag  or as Abruzzi started calling him, Sergeant Sodomy  better watch his mouth around C-Note or he's gonna be in some big trouble. Loved that C-Note comment on T-Bag's slacking about digging into the concrete: "Are you telling me there's a hole in Fox River you don't want to get into?" That bit of dialogue was almost topped by Tweener's answer to Michael's question about his abilities to steal: "Does my momma got big breasteses? Hell yeah she does." Nice. Also, loved Michael's desperately seeking-green-card stripper wife. Kind of sleazy that Bellick recognized her from her job. It just made me wonder why if Michael is such a smart guy and can clearly craft this elaborate plan, craft a swipe access card and figure out how to fake diabetes, then why couldn't he find out a way to get his brother out of jail without having to get himself incarcerated as well? I mean, I guess then there would be no show in that case and that would be a true shame because the closer these inmates get to breaking free, the better this show is getting.   Angel Cohn