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Supernatural: TVGuide.com Readers' Questions Answered!

"Qué sera, Sera?" Supernatural supervising producer Sera Gamble invited the show's fans here at TVGuide.com to submit their burning questions. Can Dean's self-worth be salvaged? What is Sam about to have a strong reaction to? Can Ruby truly be trusted? Why are the angels a bit devilish? Will Lilith return? Make the jump to gain insight on the CW's outta sight spooktacular series!

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"Qué sera, Sera?" Supernatural supervising producer Sera Gamble invited the show's fans here at TVGuide.com to submit their burning questions. Can Dean's self-worth be salvaged? To what is Sam about to have a strong reaction? Can Ruby truly be trusted? Why are the angels a bit devilish? Will Lilith return? Read on for insight on the CW's outta sight spooktacular series.

Is this season is leading up to a fierce showdown between Dean and Sam? — HannahsMom
Sera Gamble:
You do know that [series creator] Eric [Kripke] would kill me if I told you what all this is leading up to, right?

Dean's cool with Ruby now? No lingering suspicion? She kept Sam from killing himself and that clears her? — s_decker30
I doubt Dean will ever be fully cool with Ruby. His deepest hunter instinct is to be suspicious of her. But he's unable to just see her in black-and-white anymore. She did too much for his brother. I think Dean is capable of being grateful to Ruby for keeping Sam alive while he was in Hell ... and still remains unsettled by her, to a certain extent.

Are Castiel and Uriel for sure sent by the Big Guy, or could they have their own agenda? Could they be Fallen Angels themselves? Uriel at least seemed not very Angelic when he withheld Anna's Grace. — Gerald
Our angels aren't "angelic" in the porcelain doll sense. They're warriors, and they behave like it. It can be pretty jarring; it certainly was to Sam and Dean. As for whether or not they were "for sure" sent by God ... it seems to me that on our show, there's been a good rule of thumb so far: Evil is a certainty. But good is not as easy to pin down. It requires a certain amount of faith.

Dean is suffering blow after crushing blow to his already-fragile sense of worth, and I'm wondering if we're going to get to the reason for it in this season, or will we have to wait till next year? — Aerie
A boost to Dean's self-worth is coming in an episode also featuring the enjoyment of organic rice milk lattes and a Toyota Prius. But to be clear — Dean's not some fragile guy walking through the world and having his self-esteem attacked. He's a confident bad-ass who in private moments tends toward compulsively beating himself up. It's all internal. We've been weaving the reasons why into the show since the very beginning. There are a few; but the most general answer I can give you is that if John Winchester was my dad I'd be in serious therapy about it.

What is Dean's mission from heaven? Is there any little hint you might be able to drop? — Shannon01
Dean's mission is connected to the time he spent in The Bad Place.

When is Sam going to have a reaction to all that Dean has told him regarding Hell? He says nothing, but the look on his face indicates that there is a lot going on in his head. — staceycj 
Gamble: I thought Sam had a huge reaction to Dean's confession, actually. Sometimes a situation is so painful that there's really not much that can be said about it. The mature thing to do might be to just be with the suffering person, which is what Sam did. I thought the scene was a good example of how much Sam has grown over the course of the show. That said, there's more story to come connected to what Dean did in Hell. And Sam has a very strong reaction to it — a reaction that has repercussions felt for the rest of the season.

When is our favorite angel, Castiel, coming back? I miss him. — kir18sty
Gamble: Soon! And often enough that I suggest someone create a drinking game around the character. 

In "I Know What You Did Last Summer," why did the Crossroads Demon tell Sam, "We've got everything just the way we want it"? Will the significance of wanting Sam earthbound and Dean Hellbound be revealed? — Reem89
Yes, definitely. We reveal a big chunk of what the demon was talking about in an upcoming episode.

Will Lilith be making an appearance this season? Dean hallucinated about her in "Yellow Fever," but we haven't actually seen the real Lilith since the Season 3 finale. — h3m1678
Lilith's very active behind the scenes this season. And yes, you'll be seeing her in the flesh again as well.

Why was Alastair able to defeat Castiel so easily? Is he working with or against Lilith? — PrincessButtercup
It's not actually so easy to get the better of an angel like Castiel. Run-of-the-mill demons end up dead or freaked out like the burnt-eyed chick in the diner in "Lazarus Rising." They're outmatched — and, of course, they have no experience fighting angels, because angels have been AWOL for a couple thousand years. But Alastair is exceptionally old and powerful, so he knows a trick or two. Alastair is working with Lilith. Though, for the record, I don't think he cares much about the apocalypse. He'd rather be back in Hell, sticking bamboo shoots under fingernails. He's not a politician. He's a torture artist, and he'd just as soon stick with what he loves. He's only topside because duty calls.

I was rewatching old episodes and noticed in the pilot that Mary told little Dean that angels were watching over him. Did Mary know why Dean would be chosen even back then? — nic875
Gamble: Mary was a believer, but I don't think she necessarily knew that angels would figure into Dean's future quite so literally. After all, Castiel is the first angel to take a body since Jesus was news.

Sera Gamble will answer more of your already submitted questions next week. Additional reporting by Tina Charles.