SupernaturalSo, I'm technically what doctors call a scaredy cat, but this week's killer truck? Not that scary. Sam and Dean took on a souped-up murdering machine that was responsible for killing Dean's African-American ex-girlfriend's father. Well, not just the truck, but also the spirit of its racist owner, forcing the boys to dig deep into the town's troubled history. We're used to all the inexplicable stuff that goes down on this show, right? In fact, that's what


all about. But the most unrealistic thing happened: We were supposed to buy that a girl actually willingly broke up with Dean. Come on! In what universe? But Cassie got smart real fast, 'cause she got him into bed but quick. (Yes, there was a shirtless Dean sighting. Down, girls.) However, she got stupid again when she told him she doesn't see much hope for them. Stupid, stupid, stupid. That '70s Show's Megalyn Echikunwoke played lucky, lucky Cassie, while Passions' Kathleen Noone played her mom. Nice to see you out of the old-lady wig and frumpy frocks, Mrs. Wallace! The Dean-Cassie stuff had its moments, but my favorite parts of this "Route 666" episode happen to be my favorite parts just about every week: the Sam and Dean moments. Dean was vulnerable, observant Sam was highly amused by this and let his big bro know, making Dean one uncomfortable dude. And were the young Winchesters wearing the suits from "Phantom Traveler?" (Yes, I'm geeky enough over this show to know the titles of all the episodes. Shut up.) And finally, a drinking game: Take a swig whenever Sam and/or Dean says a variation of some situation is "not our kind of thing." I'm just saying, it happens about every other week.