Katie Cassidy and Lauren Cohan, Supernatural Katie Cassidy and Lauren Cohan, Supernatural

Question: Any scoop on Supernatural?

Answer: Yep and you're looking at it! This is your exclusive first look at Supernatural's two new kickass females, played by Katie Cassidy and Lauren Cohan. As you know, Cassidy's playing Ruby, a ruthless demon-hunter helping out Sam and Dean, while Cohan's character, Bela, is a mercenary who realizes there's some serious money to be made in the supernatural world. Also let me remind you what exec producer Eric Kripke told me back in July: "There's a misconception that they're being introduced as love interests [for Sam and Dean]," he said. "They're not; they're being introduced as antagonists." But that's not to say something won't happen down the line. "If the chemistry is there, and we see the sparks, and we want it to happen, and the fans want it to happen, it'll happen."