Budweiser's Rocky Spoof We were so sad when Hank the horse was the only one not chosen for the Clydesdale hitch team. But when a wise Dalmatian steps up to train Hank, the next thing you know- he's pulling trains and running through the snow (all set to a Rocky-like montage). And a year later, Hank makes the cut! Can we get a high-five!

Coke's Stewie vs. Underdog Coke really outdid themselves this year. Their commercial had us on the edge of our seats almost as much as the final minutes of the game. We watched as the Stewie and Underdog balloons from the Thanksgiving Day Parade both vied for the same thing- a delicious looking Coca-Cola bottle balloon. But wait, out of no where, comes the one, the only, Charlie Brown with the steal! E*TRADE's Trading Baby Ad They say that in advertising, cute animals and babies are sure fire winners. Well, last year E*TRADE went with a monkey, and this year they decided to follow suit by going the baby route. But we're not talking the cooing kind of kid (though he does have a spit-up accident at the end). This talking tot sports a bit of an attitude, and probably makes more money than his parents combined with all the e-trading he does on the side. More online videos Your take: Which Super Bowl ads were your favorites? Which were lacking a bit in the creative department? And which were just plain dumb?