Patrick J. Adams, Gabriel Macht Patrick J. Adams, Gabriel Macht

She knows. Now what is she going to do?

In the final moments of Suits' Season 1 finale, Mike's big secret — you know, that he doesn't have a law degree — comes out after his former best friend Trevor (Tom Lipinski) spilled the beans to his boss Jessica (Gina Torres). With Harvey (Gabriel Macht) covering up for Mike (Patrick J. Adams), both of them could be shown the door in Thursday's Season 2 premiere — aptly titled "She Knows." But will Jessica really fire them both? Check out our seven teases about what to expect this season.

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1. Lots of ultimatums
The premiere picks up immediately where the finale left off and, as Adams tells us, "Mike can't get out of this one." Jessica confronts Harvey about the big white lie and threatens to fire them both. But before either can pack up his things, Harvey quickly comes up with a reason for why Jessica must keep the two of them around. "They [all] band together," Adams adds.

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2. The Hardman in Pearson Hardman returns
Hardman (David Costabile) comes back to town — and the firm — much to Jessica and Harvey's dismay. Or is it? Despite Harvey's obvious disdain for the shady Hardman, who will reveal why he's been MIA, the founding partner's arrival will play a key role in keeping Mike at the firm. "If there's any turmoil in the firm and if it's outed that Harvey, Jessica's right-hand man, has messed up in any way, then Hardman will raise this to the other partners and push out Jessica," Macht tells us.

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3. More Donna
We can't get enough of Harvey's executive assistant and fortunately Season 2 will bring a lot more of actress Sarah Rafferty. "By the end of the first season, we realized how much we could turn to some of the other characters for storytelling and Donna really popped," executive producer David Bartis recently shared at the ATX Television Festival. "We're going to see more backstory between Donna and Harvey; we get a flashback episode. So we'll see [how their relationship started], where the can opener came from, etc."

4. Let's go to the movies!
Within the first few minutes of the premiere, Mike busts out a Goodfellas impression that Adams admits isn't his best. Regardless, Bartis adds, "Movie references are a runner in the second season. Our creator Aaron Korsh loves movies."

5. No more mixed messages
Remember that drunken voicemail Rachel (Meghan Markle) left Mike that he never got? (Of course you do!) Mike will finally hear it, but is it too late? On the other hand, his girlfriend Jenny (Vanessa Ray), suffice it to say, isn't too happy to learn about Mike and Rachel's smooch.

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6. RIP
An integral funeral brings together members of Pearson Hardman and illuminates a lot about the firm's history. But don't fret: The death is not a character we've met.

7. Harvey's past fling comes back to haunt him
When the firm does another mock trial, Harvey is shocked to find that his ex is hired to play a role. "She's a former member of the law firm," Macht says. "People will be pleasantly surprised when they [meet her]."

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Season 2 of Suits premieres on Thursday at 10/9c on USA.