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Stranger Things 3 Includes a Queer Eye Cameo That You Definitely Missed

Next up: Mind Flayer makeovers

Rachel Paige

While visiting Hawkins, Indiana, you're probably on the lookout for Mind Flayers and Russian soldiers, not Queer Eye Heroes. But the latter managed to sneak into Season 3 of Stranger Things, can you believe?

William Mahnken, who appeared on Netflix's Queer Eye, has a small role in the brand new season, heckling Nancy (Natalia Dyer) during her time at The Hawkins Post. Before William became a newspaper writer in the 1980s, the Fab Five helped him propose to his girlfriend, Shannan, during the Season 2 episode "A Decent Proposal," and everyone (including you and me) cried during it. The two were later married and currently reside in Georgia, where Stranger Things films. It only makes sense for the two shows to cross over like this!

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Shannan also appears during the season, alongside William, as the two are seated near Hopper (David Harbour) during his failed date with Joyce (Winona Ryder).

Following this, it's only fair if some Stranger Things cast members drop by the Queer Eye loft for some sort of makeover. Hopper might need one himself after he returns from wherever he is, whether it is in our dimension or the next.

Stranger Things Season 3 is now streaming, and Queer Eye Season 4 returns on July 19.