Storage Wars Storage Wars

When the renter of a self-storage unit can't make the payments, the stuff inside goes up for grabs — and, maybe, right into Darrell Sheets' hands. Sheets is one of the professional buyers in A&E's new hit Storage Wars (Wednesday, 10/9c). We polled Sheets for his greatest finds.

1. A Hulk-size comic-book collection
Sheets hauled away seven truckloads of titles, including the very first Spider-Man.

2. Four Picasso paintings
Says Sheets, "I'm still not sure of their value yet."

3. An Abraham Lincoln letter
The self-described "storage addict" says the note sold for 15 grand. Honest!

4. Exotic furniture by R&Y Augousti
"It was so good I kept it!" Sheets says.

5. The loot of a London runway model
"She put her stuff in storage, moved to the islands and forgot to renew her credit card," he says. "I felt bad, so I sold some of it back to her."

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