Steve Carell Steve Carell

For The Office star Steve Carell, the idea of saying goodbye to Michael Scott after seven years is bittersweet.

"I'm sure I'm going to be very nostalgic," he told TV Guide Magazine at the June 27 premiere of his new animated movie, Despicable Me. "These are some of my best friends in the world. But it will be good for everybody, I think."  

Carell announced in May that the upcoming season seven of The Office might be his last. "It's the last [year] on my contract. I want to honor my contract," he says. "And I'm excited just [to] spend more time with my family."

But luckily for fans, there's at least one more season of Dunder Mifflin high jinks in store. Might The Office get a visit from Carell's Despicable Me co-sar Julie Andrews? "Boy, that would be really cool," says Carell. "The fact that I'm even in a movie with her is pretty cool. Dame Julie Andrews is pretty amazing."

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