For Sterling K. Brown's first turn as host of Saturday Night Live, he boldly went where so many past guest stars have gone before: Trump's cabinet.

In Brown's case, the This Is Us star suited up to become former presidential candidate-turned-embattled Director of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson, whose whimpery voice and pout Brown has down to a science, even without the whitened scruff.

Spoofing his hit NBC drama, Saturday Night Live puts Brown's Carson in the place of the actor's real character on This Is Us, Randall, alongside Aidy Bryant's Sarah Hucakbee Sanders and Pete Davidson's Jared Kushner, who have their own scandals to bear, for the inarguably less funny redux "This Is U.S." Who'd wanna watch that?

But that wasn't the only one of Brown's works that he parodied for SNL. He also debuted a new scene from Black Panther, in which Brown played King T'Chaka's brother N'Jobu.

In the clip, Brown appears as the great, great-grandfather of Chris Redd's T'Challa in the afterlife, Djalia, but their reunion gets ruined by the resident family weirdo, Kenan Thompson's Uncle M'Butu, who's more interested in making burgers and complaining about the lack of, erm, amenities in the heavenly plane than serving up sage wisdom to the young king. And here we thought the place looked perfect.