Stephanie Anderson, The Biggest Loser Stephanie Anderson, The Biggest Loser

The Biggest Loser ranch is where vastly overweight people lose weight — and in Stephanie Anderson's case, find love. Although her romance didn't make it on the air, the 30-year-old recently eliminated contestant opened up to about her relationship with fellow contestant Sam Poueu.

"I'm genuinely and truly the happiest I've ever been and I believe Sam is as well ... my friends and family are really happy for me and the majority of them have met Sam and fallen in love with him too," she said.

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Stephanie believes her love wasn't shown on TV is because The Biggest Loser is "about efforts, transformation, our overcoming obstacles" and she was OK with that. "For a woman who's never been in love, I was very happy they weren't going to show it because it's very personal," she said.

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Now that Stephanie — who's lost 96 pounds since beginning her weight-loss journey — is back at home, she's realized that she always had a smile on her face to fake what she was really feeling inside. "I had a supportive family, loving friends, a career in Los Angeles; I had everything that I thought I wanted but myself."

With a goal to weigh in the 150s by the season's end, Stephanie, who's at 182 pounds, added: "I'm still working towards my ultimate goal, but I know this is so much more than a finale in May. This is my forever."