California girl Sara is's early pick to win <EM>Top Model</EM>. California girl Sara is's early pick to win Top Model.

Another round of strutting, pouting, posing  and spatting  is upon us now that UPN's America's Next Top Model (Wednesdays at 8 pm/ET) has returned for a sixth cycle. "What I love about this new group is that no one looks like anyone else," says host Tyra Banks. "They're all so different, and they all photograph strikingly." While Southern-fried Kathy has already been sent home, here's why each of the remaining hopefuls thinks she has what it takes to be a runway success.

BROOKE (22, Corpus Christi, Texas)
Occupation: Student
Secret weapon: "It doesn't normally show, but I'm a fierce individual. That's going to come out on film and on the runway."
Motivation: "I've been very sheltered, staying home reading, not having girlfriends. I want to live life to the fullest."
Housemate pet peeve: "Two-faced people."

DANIELLE (20, Little Rock, Ark.)
Occupation: Baby-sitter
Secret weapon: "It may sound vain, but I was blessed with a good walk. It comes naturally."
Motivation: "I'm not a girl who loves to be the center of attention, but when I'm on the runway, I get to show my artistic, creative side."
Housemate pet peeve: "Don't borrow my clothes!"

FURONDA (24, Stuttgart, Ark.)
Occupation: Student
Secret weapon: "I can talk to anyone about anything and smile the whole time. I'll be great as a spokesperson."
Motivation: "I just think of where I've come from, and nothing is worse. I've come so far."
Housemate pet peeve: "People who want to talk about their problems all the time."

GINA (21, Tampa, Fla.)
Occupation: Translator
Secret weapon: "My walk. Complete strangers tell me it's confident and natural."
Motivation: "My parents were born and raised in Korea and had many struggles in America. It's my responsibility to let them know that it all paid off."
Housemate pet peeve: "Playing mind games and just being rude."

JADE (26, Philadelphia, Penn.)
Occupation: Restaurant hostess
Secret weapon: "'Very seductive' is me all the way, baby. I have a strong look and can create characters for the camera."
Motivation: "I've been modeling in New York for more than three years, and it's been a struggle. This is my chance to shine."
Housemate pet peeve: "People who don't clean up after themselves."

JOANIE (24, Beaver Falls, Penn.)
Occupation: Sales associate
Secret weapon: "My uniqueness. My family couldn't afford to give me braces, so I know how to turn so-called flaws into assets."
Motivation: "Breaking barriers and pushing the envelope of what it means to be a model."
Housemate pet peeve: "Bad table manners."

KARI (18, Brookings, S.D.)
Occupation: Student
Secret weapon: "I can do more than look pretty. I think I'd be a good spokesperson, so I'd be good in commercials. And all the other girls here are so skinny and I'm very curvy, so I'll stand out."
Motivation: "Having the experience of a lifetime!"
Housemate pet peeve: "Girls who cause drama."

LESLIE (18, Higley, Ariz.)
Occupation: Student
Secret weapon: "I'm kind of a drama queen, so I can express many different emotions in a photo shoot."
Motivation: "I've never modeled, but it's my dream. I'm here to soak up as much as I can about the industry."
Housemate pet peeve: "People who think cockiness can substitute for confidence."

MOLLIE SUE (25, Tampa, Fla.)
Occupation: Waitress
Secret weapon: "My walk. I've been doing this longer than the rest of the girls and have taken runway classes."
Motivation: "I started modeling 10 years ago. It's time for everything to fall into place. It's going to happen."
Housemate pet peeve: "Don't act like my mom. Don't clean up after me!"

NNENNA (24, Houston, Texas)
Occupation: Chemist
Secret weapon: "I'm moldable, responsive and attentive. I can fit in anywhere. I grew up in a Nigerian village, went to Texas A&M and work in a lab where I'm the only female."
Motivation: "My three younger sisters back in Nigeria. They help me stay positive."
Housemate pet peeve: "People who are untidy."

SARA (22, Davis, Calif.)
Occupation: Student
Secret weapon: "I played volleyball at Georgetown University. You learn grace and agility from athletics, so my walk will be strong. Plus, I won't overthink or criticize myself during shoots."
Motivation: "My mom is my role model. She knows how to find balance in life."
Housemate pet peeve: "Disrespect."

WENDY (22, New Orleans, La.)
Occupation: Retail assistant manager
Secret weapon: "I'm ready for whatever they want to do with me:
Paint my face purple and dye my hair green. I'm ready!"
Motivation: "Remembering how badly I wanted to get here."
Housemate pet peeve: "A girl who needs three hours to get ready in the morning."