Question: Why would you give spoilers if they're not true? You claimed that Haley wasn't the one pregnant on One Tree Hill, and now we know that she is. What gives?

Answer: Taking a page from some other dramas, it seems an OTH bait-and-switch has been pulled... and to great effect. Even producer Mark Schwahn played along by "confirming" this summer that Brooke would be pregnant and that abortion would be a consideration. The CW went so far as to send out scripts with the story line. As we now know, the mama-to-be is actually Haley. Why the about-face? Good question. Was the twisty planned all along, or could the married Bethany Joy Galeotti actually be preggers in real life? We'll just have to wait and see. Long-story-short: not my fault! But to make up for all the confusion, here's some fresh prattle: The Bedford Diaries Rey Valentin is coming aboard as the hot teacher in Brookes future, while one of his former cast mates will be heading in as Peytons real half-brother. (And thats not the biggest surprise that she's in for!)