Britney Spears by John Shearer/ Britney Spears by John Shearer/

Beleaguered popstress Britney Spears on Friday was charged with one count of hit-and-run as well as one count of driving without a valid California drivers license, both of which stem from her Aug. 6 fender bender and carry a maximum sentence of six months in jail. After the charges came down, Us reports, Spears was spied fighting back tears as she arrived at the office of her (third) attorney (in a week). It has since surfaced that Spears, despite living large in L.A. all this time, has never been issued a Cali license, though state laws would necessitate one (despite her "official" status as a Louisiana resident). But hey, she's country, and that's how they roll.

Spears will be arraigned on Oct. 10, aka a day that may live in infamy for us media bloggers.