Spartacus: Gods of the Arena Spartacus: Gods of the Arena

Spartacus: Gods of the Arena more than made up for its relatively tame episode the previous week with Friday's bacchanalian excesses. When Titus is away (buying slaves), the House of Batiatus will play (with slaves).

Ludus business went well enough: Syrians Ashur and Dagan finally earned their place through combat (although Ashur didn't deserve the victory), Gnaeus took up the net and trident (to fight, not fish) and Crixus made peace with Barca. To impress yet another wealthy, connected Roman who heard of the notorious Batiatus parties, the Unholy Three conspired to get Titus out of the way visiting Neapolis. At the Batiatus orgy, male and female slaves were equally used and abused, Tullius party-crashed and wounded Gannicus in an unfair fight, Gannicus and Melitta acknowledged they had feelings for each other, Titus gave Batiatus an ultimatum to get rid of Lucretia and Tullius ended poor Gaia's search for a husband by killing her during their tryst. This show is really getting good ... we mean good in a horrifying kind of way.

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This week's edition of "Ew!":

The Blood - Body Count: 6. A gladiator's face pegged to the wall by a trident, Vettius' new champion cutting out his opponent's heart and Dagan incompletely severing his opponent's arm were disturbing, but it's the startling image of the audience member whose digits were accidentally sliced off, fingers bouncing into the stands, that stuck with us. We're thankful that we were spared the explicit brutality of Gaia's death, especially since Tullius also decided to partially scalp her to remove her wig. Oh, and did Titus really have to order that her body be unceremoniously tossed off the cliff? He obviously wasn't hugged enough as a child. Too harsh.

The Bacchanal - Total: We lost count among the writhing bodies. No, seriously. If you have a DVR, then maybe you'd like to slo-mo and count (the aftermath looked like a naked battlefield), but the standout scenes for us featured the characters we could recognize (yes, we were looking at the faces). Poor Diona's debasement continued when she was forced to perform on a platform while wearing fake animal horns. Such dead eyes. Although Dagan's rape was only implied, we're betting he won't be happy if he found out how his pal Ashur had a hand in his rough treatment. Finally, it was kind of silly to expect, but apparently Tullius doesn't believe in much foreplay. Ouch.

Spartacus Episode 3: Things that made us go "Ew!"

Well, at least there was no pee in the porridge.

What scene appalled you the most?