Sons & Daughters Way to go, Cameron! Way to give your mom a heart attack. OK, so she just has angina. Youre off the hook. However, your nephew thinks somethings wrong with Grandmas vagina. Have fun explaining that one. I tell ya, nothing brings a family together like a trip to the hospital. And its a surefire way for Mom to get her husband, Wendal, back. I cant help it, but every time I see Max Gail , I cant stop thinking that he played Harold in the '80s movie D.C. Cab

. Did anyone see that film? I also cant help thinking Camerons wife, Liz, looks a little like Debra Messing. Anyone?

But Im digging the relationships between Jenna, Wiley and Whitey. In a weird way, Im rooting for both of the guys. My favorite line of the first episode is when Carrie, whom Ive nicknamed Welcome to the Dollhouse, says, Have you ever had an aunt hate you for life because you made her child deaf? She delivers the line so well after feeling like a baby-sitting failure.

During the second episode, a scroll appeared on my TV about a winter-storm warning. Hello? Its L.A. Its raining! Get a grip. So, I was distracted. I feel bad for Cameron losing his job on his 40th birthday. But playing the Grateful Dead song Ripple during his depression was great. Im not a Deadhead, folks, but I like that song  sue me. Also, Henry and Cameron running into each other at home during the day  priceless. And whatever song Henry was singing when he walked through the door had me laughing out loud. And I even fell for the sweet moment at the end when all the kids put on a play for Cameron. As cliché as it sounds, you may not have your job, but at least you have people who love you. Aw!