Dee Wallace and Max Gail, <EM>Sons & Daughters</EM> Dee Wallace and Max Gail, Sons & Daughters

Tonight's episodes of Sons & Daughters (beginning at 9 pm/ET on ABC) are titled "Family Finance" and "Karaoke." What is it about money that brings out the worst in human behavior? My good friend William Shakespeare used to always tell me, "Neither a borrower nor a lender be." Of course, later, when he came crawling to me straight from the pub for a loan, I would throw that quote right back in his face using a phony-sounding British accent. He could write a heck of a play, but he was terrible with money. Anyway, I digress.

The first episode, "Family Finance," is one of my favorites. It was written by one of our shining stars in the writers' room, Justin Adler, and directed by David Steinberg. Sharon (Alison Quinn) secretly borrows money from someone to cover a loan she's made to Cameron (Fred Goss) and Liz (Gillian Vigman). Loans can turn disastrous, and this is no exception. Henry (Trevor Einhorn) is having problems of a very personal nature. I can't even talk about it in this blog. The producers have told me that my replacement, Brad Garrett, is one phone call away if I start spilling too many plot points.

Colleen (Dee Wallace) and Wendal (Max Gail) are now separated, and it's painful for the entire family. Whitey (Greg Pitts) is now working for Don at Fenton Auto Parts. The sparks fly when Whitey's interaction with a customer gets up close and personal.

Don's big opening night at the community theater has arrived, and his performance as the butler in "A Gentleman's Murder" will overcome you with shock and awe.

Our second tale, "Karaoke," is by Jordana Arkin and Julie Bean, based on a story by Fred Goss and Nick Holly (Fred directed). When Cameron isn't supportive of his family members' dreams, he finds himself in a dark forest where flying monkeys take him to a castle and... oh, no, I'm thinking of another classic story. Sorry about that. Don takes some advice from wise daughter Carrie (Eden Sher) and turns on the charm to win over Sharon. Whitey finds himself on the wrong end of a fist. Jeff (Randy Wayne) introduces his cute girlfriend du jour to the family, and Wylie (Desmond Harrington) joins the family at a karaoke bar to support Jenna (Amanda Walsh) in her quest to become the Gwen Stefani of Hamilton.

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