Glee Glee

"Asian F," Tuesday's emotional roller coaster of an episode of Glee, certainly got people talking — and as a result, it's No. 1 in Wednesday's Social Power Rankings. The consensus? It made people literally weep. "Last night I was a crying mess. Anyone who has been in a drama club or a glee club understands the emotions Mercedes has," says commenter Giovanni Moretti. "When Will sang to Emma, that was it, all over, the entire box of Puffs was gone." Fans were also glad to see Mike Chang and Brittany Pierce take center stage. "It's strange to think that back in Season 1 Brittany and Mike were just window dressing," says commenter bobby-j. "Heather [Morris] and Harry [Shum] have proven that they can dance, act, and sing. It was nice seeing them getting some good screen time."

Other hot topics: Wednesday's premiere of American Horror Story, the possible end of The Simpsons' 23-season run and the cancellation of  The Playboy Club. User @nevrothwen tweeted: "Am I the only one who actually liked Playboy Club?" Answer: Yes. (Sorry.)

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