Virgin Diaries Virgin Diaries

The people have spoken, and they are all saying one thing: TLC's Virgin Diaries is going to be better than your first time.

On Wednesday, we posted a preview of the new series (which premieres Sunday at 9/8c) about, among other virgins, a "sexually inexperienced" couple who waited until their wedding to share an agonizingly awkward first kiss. Some of you had something to say about it. As a result, the as-yet-unaired show is No. 1 in our Social Power Rankings, the list of the most talked-about shows of the week.

"Between that pic and the video, it looks like a promo for the second half of The Walking Dead," cracked commenter bobby-j. On Facebook, Steve Franco wondered aloud why Hollywood hadn't better taught them to kiss. "None of them saw any of the John Hughes movies from the '80s?" he asks. (Ah, Samantha Baker, Jake Ryan, The Thompson Twins, by birthday-cake candlelight...)

Another hot topic this week: Was Drew's elimination on The X Factor premature?

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