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Saturday Night Live: See Ryan Gosling's Deleted Scene From The Wiz Live!

See him struggle to hold back giggles

Malcolm Venable

Knowing that most of us see Ryan Gosling as dreamy, broody and intense, Saturday Night Livecapitalized on that persona and let his comic talents shine too in this week's episode. While Gosling will likely never descend into full-on goofball, he does loosen up sufficiently to bring the LOLs -- so much so that, on a few occasions, he's visibly cracking up, making him -- let's face it -- all the more dreamy. Musical guest Leon Bridges, the buzzed-about soul singer with a throwback sound, was solid, although coming off last episode's powerhouse performance by Adele, he had a tough act to follow.

Check out some of the episode highlights below.

Canada monologue

In the opening monologue, Gosling is gushing about growing up in New York City - until he's called out for actually being Canadian. He backpedals, admitting he's proud to be Canadian, prompting a celebration of his roots via a Canadian Christmas song featuring Mike Myers, who we learn "lives backstage." Check out their tribute to what Gosling thinks we see as "America's hat.'"


Though Gosling doesn't appear here, the funny ladies of SNL shine in this sketch about a dating app for women who've decided to overlook men's flaws and just settle down already. Pretty cute -- if it weren't sadly true to life.

Leon Bridges' "Smooth Sailin'"

It's hard to watch Leon Bridges perform and not think of Sam Cooke, what with the slim suits and crooning and all. He's OK enough, but he didn't quite give us the chills. That said, it's great SNL gives time to up-and-coming artists and he's no doubt got big things ahead.

Gosling's Scarecrow lands in The Wiz Live!

In a "deleted scene" from The Wiz Live!, Gosling plays the Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz who got a bit disoriented traveling from West Oz and ended up in East Oz. "There's so much color!" he says, eliciting audible groans. Pretty clever.

Close Encounter

Everybody has a different story of how their alien abduction went down in this sketch -- arguably the funniest of the night. Gosling, along with scene co-stars Aidy Bryant and Bobby Moynihan, are almost bursting at the seams trying to hold back laughs as Kate McKinnon reaches peak ridiculousness.