Pete Davidson and Amy Adams Pete Davidson and Amy Adams

Sometimes, Saturday Night Live sketches get left on the cutting room floor due to timing issues. And missing out on the broadcast this past Saturday was a quick skit spoofing the famous cue-card scene from Love Actually, which featured Andrew Lincoln's Mark professing his love to Kiera Knightley's Juliet through a series of large cards with his feelings written on them, a la the video for Bob Dylan's "Subterranean Homesick Blues." Thankfully, the power of the Internet allows these unaired skits to be seen, and this bizarre bit has since been posted online.

Is Love Actually the ultimate holiday rom-com or a depressing hot mess?

In the SNL version, Pete Davidson gives host Amy Adams the cue-card treatment but with creepy, T.M.I. twists. And because of the ridiculousness of it all (hot dog fantasies?), both Davidson and Adams have a hard time keeping it together.

What do you think of the sketch?