Chris Rock Chris Rock

Chris Rock made his return to Saturday Night Live this weekend to host for the first time since 1996, and in turn offered up some good laughs before ultimately settling in for a subpar episode.

Once again proving that Rock isn't afraid to tackle subjects most SNL hosts won't, the episode saw him take on the terrorist organization ISIS, but also gave him the space to perform his patented stand-up and maybe also dance to soul music.

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Check out some of the highlights below:

Chris Rock's Monologue: Rock opened by roasting the Boston Marathon bombing, which didn't go over well, but by the time he got around to mocking the Freedom Tower and the commercialization of Jesus's birthday, everything was smooth sailing.

How 2 Dance with Janelle: Sasheer Zamata and Kyle Mooney star in this sketch about a teenager's dance vlog. Rock plays Zamata's disappointing father and gets a few good chuckles with jokes about not understanding the Internet (parents, am I right?).

How's He Doing?Kenan Thompson leads a round table discussion with several black pundits about President Obama and whether he could ever lose their vote. Bonus points for the Scandal reference.

Shark Tank: In case you thought Rock mocking the Boston Marathon bombing was going to be the most possibly offensive joke of the evening, SNL took on the terror organization ISIS when it asked for funding in this oddly spot-on version of the reality series.

Swiftamine: While not nearly as funny as the Beygency, this sketch about "Shake It Off" causing vertigo in adults once their brain fails to compute actually liking a Taylor Swift song was actually perfect.

What was your favorite sketch?