John and Kate Gosselin John and Kate Gosselin

You can't make this stuff up! A new TV Guide Network special airing Sunday at 8/7c revisits the jaw-dropping reality scenes that kept us glued to our TVs. Behold, the Top 10.

1. Sue Hawk's rats and snakes speech (Survivor, Season 1) "I felt empowered — it was the only move I had," says Hawk of telling off finalists Kelly Wiglesworth and Richard Hatch.

2. Jon and Kate Gosselin announce their separation (Jon & Kate Plus 8, Season 5) The duo called it quits after 10 years of marriage, eight kids and countless tabloid rumors. R.I.P., bickering!

3. Jessica Simpson's Chicken of the Sea comment (Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica, Season 1) "It was as surreal for me in real life as it probably was for everyone watching," recalls Simpson's then-hubby, Nick Lachey, of the fish-or-fowl debate.

4. Justin Sebik holds a knife to Krista Stegall's throat (Big Brother, Season 2) "He didn't seem to really understand the ramifications. I think it sank in after," says Mike "Boogie" Malin of his ex-roommate.

5. Snooki Polizzi gets punched at a bar (Jersey Shore, Season 1) Uh-oh — did someone order a knuckle sandwich?

6. Marie Osmond's fainting spell (Dancing With the Stars, Season 5) "I went into dad mode," recalls host Tom Bergeron. "You saw how quickly I threw to break."

7. Jason Mesnick dumps Melissa Rycroft (The Bachelor, Season 13) "We decided, if that's the end of this love story, let's show it to fans," says exec producer Mike Fleiss. "Some people were angry."

8. Ruben Studdard beats Clay Aiken (American Idol, Season 2) Rock the vote, indeed! The velvet teddy bear triumphed over the front-runner in a shocking upset.

9. Teresa Giudice flips the table (The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Season 1) "I'm so laid-back, but if someone keeps pushing my buttons, I'm going to snap!" says Teresa of taking out her anger at Danielle Staub on the furniture. "I don't regret it at all — it felt kinda good!"

10. Puck dips his nose-picking finger in Pedro Zamora's peanut butter (The Real World, Season 3) 'Snot bad!

What are your favorite shocking reality moments?