SmallvilleO Michael Rosenbaum, O Michael Rosenbaum, you rock as Lex Luthor! Smallville did a good job celebrating the holiday season. Lex was shot point-blank, leaving him on the verge of death (I know, not exactly screaming holiday cheer). While Lex hovered between life and death, he made a quick trip to an alternate plane of existence. Along with his late mom as a guide, it was bye-bye to Big City Lex and hello to Sexy Suburban Lexy, who was married to Lana Lang they're middle-class parents! His best friends were Clark and Chloe, and Jonathan called him the finest man he knows, so you just know this wasnt for real. Here's the thing. I thought Rosenbaum and Kristin Kreuk had some chemistry. But I do have a problem with Lex suddenly developing an interest for a barely college-age student. It's sorta been building for a while and has taken full bloom in this pseudo-LexVerse. (I love pairing Lex's name with just about any other word, whether it works or not.) And were Chloe and Clark (lookin' all kinds of hot) together together? In this brave new world, Lex ends up losing Lana. In reality, Darth Lexer ends up choosing the dark side. Very enjoyable. 

The other ministory was also pretty good. Chloe enlists Clark to use his superspeed to deliver gifts to needy kids. He plays supershrink to drunk, lonely, suicidal Santa Claus, who as it (predictably) turns out, seems to be the real deal. But seriously, Lex choosing to stand firmly on the side of power and money was the big story. First target: Clark's dad, who's running against Lex for the senate. He tells a mysterious do-badder to: "Find it. Fake it. Do whatever it takes to knock Jonathan Kent out of the race." Poor Jonathan.