Smallville When are we going to get a new Smallville again? Because I'm pretty sure Lex getting shot is beyond not fresh. In fact, just a couple of episodes before this one aired, Lex was gunned down so we could get our very own Lex-mas. So that means this particular shooting was just way too forced; it was all a ploy to up the stakes of the Lex-Lana-Clark triangle. Though I have to say I did still enjoy the whole "Do you think I'd look better with hair" exchange in Lex's panic room, along with baldy's bout of follicle-envy, telling the 18-year-old fellow captive that Clark has really nice hair. Then everything was ruined when the decidedly older business tycoon wondered if his former BF knew how lucky he was to have Lana in his life. I don't think I like Lex pining for anyone, and I certainly don't like everyone treating Lana like she's a saint. Elsewhere in Smallville, Kansas, Jonathan puts on his "aw shucks, golly gee, I'm a man of the people" hat when he finds out Lionel Luthor is bankrolling his campaign. And then there's Sheriff Frau Farbissina. She went down for the count when she got shot in the back. But she's a tough one, isn't she? She managed to unzip her jacket and inspect her wound

before keeling over dead. Jonathan's subsequent death somehow managed to overshadow the crusty cop's own brutal murder, 'cause I totally forgot she was no longer a part of the show. My bad, sheriff. My bad.