Question: I read your story about Allison Mack possibly not re-signing for Smallville next season. What's the latest?

Answer: Talks are still at a stand-still. That's the bad news. The good news is that production doesn't resume until July, so the situation isnt all that dire yet. One Smallville insider speculates that Mack may ultimately take a page from co-star Kristin Kreuk's book and return for only a handful of episodes. It's not ideal, but it certainly beats the alternative: no Chloe at all. BTW, many of you have written in asking whether you should read anything into the fact the CW, in its upfront press release yesterday, left Mack's name off the Smallville's cast list, and the answer is, well, let's ask the CW: "We are in talks with her," responds a network rep. "Hopefully she will return next season." This just in: It's up to $106! I'm gaining on Catherine Bell! I may actually have a shot at winning this thing. Keep bidding, people! This is one of those rare opportunities to raise money for something you really believe in (relief for families suffering from neurofibromatosis) and support a worthwhile charity (my ego).