If Simon Cowell is correct, American Idol semifinalist Ruben Studdard has what it takes to be the next Luther Vandross. And after witnessing the 24-year-old's "Superstar" turn last week, we're inclined to agree with Mr. Nasty Pants. But while Studdard may be big on talent, he's a little lacking in the conversation department — as TV Guide Online discovered during a recent interview. Indeed, the 24-year-old is a man of few words, and here, my friends, are all 38 of 'em.

TV Guide Online: This has got to be an exciting time for you. How are you feeling?
Ruben Studdard:
I am excited. Very excited.

TVGO: Simon said that this year's contest will be one of talent versus image. Do you worry that being a big guy could cost you the title in the end?
No, I do not.

TVGO: Why?
Because I feel that people will vote for me because of my talent.

TVGO: I love the area code shirt. Do you plan to make that your signature piece?
I hope so.

TVGO: Your brother is a huge supporter of yours. Does he sing?
He does not.

TVGO: You guys seem pretty tight.
Yeah, we are.

TVGO: Who do you see as your biggest Idol competition?
I don't know. We'll see.

TVGO: Are you bummed that Frenchie was disqualified?
No comment.